Southeastern KFC Franchisee Association Inc.

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The Southeastern KFC Franchisee Association welcomes you to its web site.  This site is designed to provide information to our members, potential members, and the many valued suppliers of the KFC system who we consider to be a part of our family.  Please feel free to explore the site to gather information on our structure, mission, and meetings.

President's Letter


Heritage, Leadership & Support

   As I have given thought to what I would write for this welcome letter, I reflected on my own personal experience with the Southeastern Association.  There are so many wonderful ways the SEKFCFA adds value to its members.  There are too many to list here.  But three main assets of this association that stand out are its heritage, its leadership and its ability to support its members and the KFC Brand.

   Colonel Sanders encouraged the franchisees to form strong networks to protect their interests.  As a result, the SEKFCFA was founded in 1965.  The SEKFCFA is the oldest and largest regional association of KFC franchisees with 105 members, over 1200 restaurants, and 10 states represented.  Our association was the model for the national association which was founded a short time after.  With a long history, we have gained a wealth of experience that benefits and protects our members.  We remember the Colonel and what he stood for...his values are still alive and well in the Southeast!

   The founding members of our association were, in many cases, families who agreed to become KFC franchisees on a handshake deal with the Colonel.  As you might imagine, these early leaders were feisty, pragmatic and savvy.  They mentored those that followed and a true culture of leadership resulted.  The franchisees of the Southeast are routinely called upon to serve in national-level leadership positions, task forces and committees.  These leaders guide and direct high priority projects and are an amazing resource for all the information needed to run great restaurants. 

   Finally, the support network of the SEKFCFA is truly special.  There are countless stories of franchisees helping fellow franchisees to overcome any obstacle.  Our members, franchisee and vendor, are active and committed.  As the daughter of 2nd generation franchisees, Bill and Bonny Shelton, I grew up around the SEKFCFA family and attended meetings.  My Dad is a Past President (1986) and my Mama is the Secretary/Treasurer (and has been for almost 42 years!).  They have modeled a high level of service to this association.  But they know the secret...the most engaged members receive the greatest benefit of the SEKFCFA.  Our goal is to provide a voice to each individual franchisee and to ensure that they receive the support they need to run better KFCs.  In serving each individual, we raise the bar for our entire membership and the KFC Brand.

   Thank you for the privilege to serve as President of the SEKFCFA...the BEST association!  These are big shoes to fill considering all those who have come before me.  But they have provided a firm foundation on which to stand.  So, I look forward to an outstanding year.  Please don't hesitate to share your ideas, suggestions or concerns (I know you won't!).

Jennifer Thomas